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2023, 1st of February

Free online workshop with Fundapromat, Panama.

The mission of the Panamanian Foundation for the Promotion of Mathematics (FUNDAPROMAT) is ‘to change the world’s perception so that one and all can experience mathematics as accessible, relevant and inherently joyous.’ www.fundapromat.org

In this workshop, parents and teachers will be learning about the imagination in Let’s visit Numberland.
Details to be confirmed.

2022, 18th of July

Free online webinar with Education Influence.
Recording available for Education Influence members.
More …

2022, 21st of March

12 hours of non-stop story telling by educators from all over the world. Organised by Education Influence.

At 3:20pm EET, Bob the Gardener will be helping Number Four with her garden …

Get more information on this free Zoom event from 7am to 7pm EET by www.educationinfluence.com